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Young Voices of Macedon look forward to Spring and daffodils

Term 3 brings with it the prospect of Spring weather and garden colour after a very cold Winter, made especially miserable by the huge spike of illness in the community. So it is fitting that Young Voices of Macedon are preparing for a performance on Saturday 3 September at the Bluestone Theatre in Kyneton as part of the Kyneton Daffodil Festival. Under the direction of Polly Christie and Jess Demare they will share a ‘salon’ programme with the Kyneton Primary School Choir, performing songs by Australian composer Paul Jarman and songs from musicals. There will also be opportunities for choristers to perform solos and duets and even magic tricks.

Research has shown conclusively that choral singing boosts confidence and self-esteem in both children and adults. The release of endorphins while singing gives way to positive energy, and the act of learning new skills, refining them and being part of a group also helps to generate improved confidence. These findings are certainly born out in the experience of our young choristers, especially those who may not have well-developed capacities in areas such as sport. Researchers have also noted that singing in a choir is a mindful activity, in that it allows one to become engrossed in the process and the song. In so doing, it provides release from concerns and worries. And the experience of our singers vigorously supports the research finding that choral singing generates social cohesion and the potential for making lasting friendships.

The choir welcomes new members from the age of 5. Please visit our website

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