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Young Voices with Athol Guy and Friends - The Seekers Story

A review of our recent show from the October edition of the Gisborne Gazette:

More than a trip down memory lane - Athol Guy and Friends, a delight.

As I took my place in Jubilee Hall, Macedon, on September 9 the lady next to me tapped my arm and said ‘I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to sing along.’ And indeed, she did!

Presented with an afternoon straight out of the Swinging Sixties and The Seekers Songbook, Athol Guy and Friends had the afternoon away with the beautiful Young Voices of Macedon. Highlighting both their Vivo and Cantabile members, under the direction of Dianne Gome, Elizabeth Teed, Andrew Price and accompanied by Catherine Hutchinson, they set the scene for a beautiful afternoon of music, finishing with a spirited rendition of Rhythm of Life from the hit 1960s musical, Sweet Charity.

Soon, it was to be a pilgrimage back through the mid 60s to the present as Athol Guy, Buddy English, Jenny Blake and Rod Hulls took the stage. Buddy English performed two of his hit songs, Doll House and Movin’ Man. Next Jenny and Rod introduced themselves musically, and the story embarked, as it were, on the TSS Fairsky with Athol and The Seekers on the tour to England that changed their, and Australian music life.

For all present, it was more than a trip down memory lane, as this well- orchestrated and visual spectacular unfolded. For many in the room there were many touching moments of significance through the past 55 years. It was as if there was an affirmation of a significant time in our history as what really amounted to an amazing afternoon of entertainment unfolded in the fullest sense.

Proceeds from the afternoon will aid in the development of the Spiritual Walk being created at the Church of the Resurrection. The first stage will be dedicated by new Bishop of the Oodnethong Episcopate, Bishop Kate Prowd, on November 4.

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